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  1. Hi can someone please tell me if it is possible to convert Mp3 files to the Ipod audiobook fromat IE: Mp4b fromat with this software Switch Sound converter V1.33. i gan get it to convert to Mp4a but not Mp4b Anybody got any ideas please Regards
  2. Thank you i will give it a try, Its the only thing missing from Wavelab as i need to use it. Thank you again.
  3. Hi i am a new user of WavePad and i need a little help please. My main use is to record audio books on tape to Mp3 format, this i have been able to do but the audio books are several hours long and i would like to split resulting file into small tracks and have severa;l smaller files rather than one long file. Is there a way in wavepad to split files automaticly please into say approx 30 mins per file instead of one form say 3 hours. some someone can help please.
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