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  1. I would like to install trial version of Video Pad 3. However I have the current full version but VP3 wants to overwrite it. I want to install VP 3 in a different location but it wants to default to C:. The setup.exe doesn't give you a choice, how do I install it on my D: drive? I don't want to overwrite my current version. Thanks
  2. When I chromakey a video I size it to fit in the output window. When the movie is rendered there is a space across the bottom. It's like the video is not filling the whole window. I've sized it several times but can't get rid of the bottom space. The original is 1280 x 720 and I render in 1280 x 720 it's .mov in this case from an .mp4 file. Any ideas thanks.
  3. Thanks, This sounds like what happened I may have added it twice. Thanks for the thorough description it really helped. thanks again
  4. Same here has anyone found a solution to this yet or will this be a fix in the next version. Thanks
  5. Has this happened more than once? Did you try to duplicate the problem. Are all your timelines end at the same time?
  6. Hello all, Fairly new to VideoPad but I think it's great. Having a problem with some videos in that there is a little preview screen stuck in the output screen. This happens when I'm setting up some green screen effects. when you add the effect there is a little view on the output screen. When you adjust the size it will fill the output screen. My problem is there is a little image of the input screen that is stuck in the output screen and won't go away. It shows the preview sequence in my output sequence as it is running. Happens sometimes not all the time, this instance I'm rendering an MP4 as an .avi. I can't remove the little preview and it shows up in te finished render. Thanks for any advice.
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