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  1. I have been evaluating IVM for simplistic outbound autodialing. I am using a Zoom PCI internal modem that was provided with another telephony product that we have been using. The evaluation result has been poor. I have instances of the message starting too soon, of "no answer" result occurring even tho I have answered the test call quickly, etc. Our plan was to actually use IVM with the Way2Call 4-port USB telephony device, not the Zoom modem. Can we expect better results with the Way2Call device? Right now both NCH and Way2Call want us to purchase their products, then hope that support ca
  2. I have resolved this issue myself.
  3. I am trying to evaluate IVM for outbound calling, to replace another piece of software we are currently using. When I try to set up an outbound call there is nothing in the dropdown lists for "OGM to start with" items. I have three OGMs that appear in OGM Manager and are playable from within OGM Manager. This seems like a really basic issue, but am unable to get support directly without purchasing a product that isn't giving me a lot of confidence on failing something this basic.
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