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  1. Well ok, I knew I might mess up. I will try again later, I wanted to try something else first. The source file was downloaded from the security system as an mp4, I decided to try another format, like AVI and see how that works out. Thanks so far!
  2. Here goes nothing, good luck, it is me and one of my cats interacting...an experiment if you will. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qo1HX357Fl9jRHTP8UPPdd4XEB4A853K/view?usp=sharing
  3. I have done these things, except the upload part, and saved it to a new folder, not numbered though, will it matter?
  4. I just worked on a security camera video, I got it the size I needed by using effect>Zoom. that is fine, After exporting the video opening the new version I wanted to sync the audio and video, easy enough, usually. This time the video didn't show in the preview window, or on the timeline after dragging it there, so i couldn't do what I needed. I ended up unlinking the audio track and exported it as is. It plays fine in VLC and online, just not happy about not being to edit the video further.
  5. KC0QNB

    AVI to MP4

    OK I tried a few things, the AVI file plays perfectly, however when converted to mp4, when loaded in another software I get a file format mismatch error. Don't know of this helps or not.
  6. KC0QNB

    AVI to MP4

    I bought VideoPad about a month ago, good to go there, my question is related to both Prism and VideoPad. I was trying to convert from avi to mp4, which happened pretty quickly within Prism, but when I go to load the converted mp4 file into VideoPad, it fails, unable to open file, I believe is the error dialog, why? What am I missing?
  7. KC0QNB


    I like recordpad for my purposes, it gets updated often, but I would like the program to log every (even vox) recording with a date/time stamp, like some other products do, just a suggestion.
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