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  1. Alright I figured out how to reset specific opening balance values manually. This worked great for me as I was able to edit any account and bring everything back to $0.00 balances without deleting the business profile which I had already created! 1. Find out which accounts are still reporting an open balance (even though you have deleted any applicable invoices) - Reports > Balance Sheet... > View 2. If any of the items listed in this report are showing a balance, note their account number and go to View > Chart of Accounts.. 3. Open the account you would like to clear or mofify
  2. I would also like to know the answer to this question. I've set up my business profile (which took some time) and created some invoices. I deleted the invoices yet there are still some remaining balances. Specifically "historical balancing" which I cant seem to edit the value which is very strange. The fact that I cant remove a sale and have it properly reflected in the balances is very weird. How can we get back to a clean slate or properly remove sales without deleting EVERYTHING.
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