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  1. In skype, you can alway input "00" intead of "+" There is no need for “added the '+' and country code as a prepend entry in the default dial plan in the Axon web control panel" If you want to send "+61xxxxxxxxx" to skype, just dial "0061xxxxxxxxx".
  2. I saw a option for "number of simultaneous calls allowed = 10". What does it mean? I tried to make a second call through skype, but Uplink gave engaged tone.
  3. Thanks. Better than 1.1. Only one question. How to send DTMF this way? Skype -> Skype -> Uplink -> SIP PBX
  4. tried skype 2.6 and uplink, skype froze 2.5 and uplink have no such problem
  5. In skype, "+" is equal to "00". Just add something like 00+N. in your dial pattern
  6. uplink works better with Asterisk. You may try Trixbox in VMware. Very fast.
  7. This is my working conf [skype] allow=alaw ;use ulaw if you are in North America canreinvite=yes context=from-trunk disallow=all host=dynamic nat=yes ;very important. uplink won't work without this secret=5506 ;define your own password as in uplink type=friend ;send or receive calls username=skype ;make sure this is same to trunk name
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