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  1. I fixed it by doing a uninstall and clean install. Just as you suggested! PS...how do I post a message to you? I'm just clicking on buttons until I make it work, but I don't know what I'm doing.
  2. To bgart@hotmail.com: regarding your question on the NCH bulletin board about using WavePad to speed songs recorded at 45RPM up to 78RPM.... I think if you speed up the 45RPM recording of the 78RPM record by a factor of 1.733 it will work. (this factor is 78/45) Best of luck with it. John whytsell@cox.net
  3. I purchased WavePad Master's Edition today and began learning some of the features. This is a POWERFUL piece of software! At some point I apparently clicked on one or more commands with paying attention(beginners remorse), and the music I'm using (an MP3 tune) now sounds really weird. I can't seem to work my way out of it. Is there some default condition hidden somewhere that WavePad can be set reset to so that audio sounds normal like it did when I first loaded up a tune and played it? If no such capability exists, it would be a wonderful addition, because right now I'm sunk! Old Dog
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