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  1. I believe this is a BUG. I'm had the same problem. I couldn't get an OGM to synthesize speech with any voice other than LH_Michelle, which happened to be the DEFAULT tts setup in the Speech control panel applet. I discovered this while trying to resynthezise an OGM with a different tts voice from the OGM manager. I tried clearing the audio, and resynthesizing the OGM text under 'Change Message Audio', 'Synthesize Speech' and selecting the Voice or Speech Engine. I also tried forcing the Text-to-Speech voice synthesis of the script under the Advanced tab of the OGM. Neither worked. However, I found that if I changed the default tts in the Speech control panel applet, I could resynthesize the OGM in the correct voice. So, it appears that choosing a tts in the OGM manager has NO EFFECT on which tts engine will be used. IVM will use the default tts selected in the Speech control panel applet. I'll contact tech support with this issue. Hopefully they will see this post and give us some kind of explaination. Jimbo
  2. No response yet? I found Vonalink ScreenPop ($30) a 3rd party tool that gets the job done. It will open an existing Outlook contact based on the caller ID number. If the contact doesn't already exist, you can optionally configure ScreenPop to create a new contact. The reason I chose this 3rd party tool over others is that it's not TAPI dependent. Rather than relying on TAPI to monitor the soft phone, it monitors the phone's ports and intercepts SIP messages to trigger the screen pop. While this is a nice solution. I really wish this was a built-in feature of a business level soft phone. CTI is an important feature for business. I'm not a big fan of spending an extra $30 for this feature, considering the price of the phone itself. Jimbo
  3. I'm new to IVM, but have very specific reasons for needing more than a simple auto-attendant. One of those functions is being able to route a call based on the Dialed ID (the number my caller dialed). IVM allows what appears to be limited call routing based on the number the caller dialed. By editing the top-level OGM, I can edit "Use Number ID Validity Checking" to route a call based on the Dialed ID (the number my caller dialed). I specify the phone number to test and the next OGM to goto if the number matches... This is fine for only *one* number. My challenge is that I need to check for more than one number to route a call. Ideally, I'd like to create a list of phone number tests and corresponding OGM's. Is there a way to do this? BTW, I've tried creating a series of OGM's, each testing for a different number. However, this approach doesn't seem to work. Here's a screen shot of my simple call flow from the OGM Manager. The first OGM says "Hello", the next two entry_filter_n OGM's are recorded silence, but test the Dialed ID fails and the call falls through to play the last message. (See below) Any ideas? Thanks. Jimbo
  4. jimbojr

    IVM and XLITE

    Hmmm. I'm running eyeBeam (upgraded paid version of xLite) along with IVM and it works fine. The eyeBeam phone rings along with the IVM. Of course, IVM picks up the call and does it's thing. In fact, I have my Voip lines registered to two eyeBeam instances on two different laptops as well as to an Sipura 2102 ATA. They all ring along with the IVM. I'm just now testing out various configurations with IVM and know that this works. What's your xLite configuration? Can you post your settings? Also, who's your Voip provider? Jimbo
  5. I'm considering switching to Express Talk, but need to know it's level of integration with MS Outlook. I've searched all the forum boards and can't find solid answers to these questions: 1. Can express talk dial outlook contacts? (or is there a TAPI driver for Express Talk that I can select from the built-in Outlook dialer, under Dialer Options | Line Properties)? 2. Does ET have the ability to do a Screen Pop of an Outlook contact based on the phone number of the incoming call? And, if the contact doesn't exist, it can create a new Outlook contact (and optionally a journal entry) for the new caller. There are 3rd party programs out there to do it. However, I'm trying to avoid installing a bunch of widgets to add bits of functionality. It makes scaling a solution to many users a PITA. I'd rather find a soft phone that already has this functionality built in. Your responses are appreciated Jimbo
  6. Ahh. I should have looked at your phone first. Ok. You're still good to go if you're running ScreenPop on at least one soft phone on your LAN. In fact, I've tested this out extensively because I wanted several people to be able to both answer a call using the softphone or the hard phone connected through the Sipura (linksys) spa2102 ATA. Here's what I've tested: 2 laptops, both running soft phones configured to register to the same four voip accounts 2 SPA 2102 ATA's used to connect my Panasonic 4-line cordless phone and base (2 SIP accounts on each ATA) Outlook 2003 running on both laptops with Vonalink ScreenPop configured to open Outlook Contacts for incoming and outgoing calls My voip provider is VoipYourLife.com (excellent customer service) When a call comes in, all the phones ring. I or my assistant can pick up the call on our laptops and talk to callers through the built in mic (not great quality), our plug-in mic/headset, or our bluetooth wireless headset. Or, we can pick up the call on the cordless phone. It's a great little setup that seems to be scalable in the sense that I can load up a few more soft phones on people's laptops along with the Vonalink software if I need them to answer calls. I can also purchase more cordless handsets for my Panasonic 4-line phone (up to 8 I beleive). So, if you've got a computer running a soft phone and the ScreenPop software on your computer, you will likely be able to do the screen pop with the SPA 941, provided your SIP provider doesn't have any problems with multiple phones registering at the same time. My SIP provider doesn't. Jimbo
  7. [edit: see my 2nd reply for how this can work with your hard phone ] Matthew, Yes. There is a solution that works pretty well. I know because I've just spent a good bit of time testing it on my various work computers. Vonalink ScreenPop by arcosoft.com $29.00 My real estate investment biz is jumping with about 20-30 calls coming in from new prospects each day. I needed a way to identify callers when they ring in any one of our four incoming voip lines so that we can provide excellent customer support. Really, I just need to remember all the conversations I've had back and forth with prospects when they call in. There's nothing that impresses prospects more than hearing "Hello Joe, good to hear from you again" when JI pick up his call, and be able to quickly review the details of your last conversation. The only way I can effectively track that *and* pull it up instantly is with the Screen Pop to my Outlook contacts where I've decided to store their information. I know there are other CRM and voip solutions that offer this functionality. But, Outlook is my communications and planning hub that networks me to others in the office and allows me to share info with them to divide up the work. Outlook was my choice after much CRM debate because *everyone* interfaces to it--from add-in developers to mobile phone sync utilities. Anyway, I searched long and hard for an Outlook contact screen pop utility. They all seemed to be TAPI based (TapiCall, CallCler, TapiRex, CTI Data connector, etc). I kept my search to add-in type applications and simple solutions rather than implement some big program or server-based software that would be total overkill. (I'm so tired of server junkies advising me to install and maintain an asterisk server, as if it's the silver bullet solution). I just want my contacts to pop up -- I need to K.I.S.S. The Vonalink ScreenPop utility is a lightweight utility program that runs in the system tray. It sports 2 processes running in the task manager: one to monitor SIP phone traffic on your computer's network card, and the other to provide the screen pop functionality. It differs from the TAPI add-ins because it monitors the SIP ports your phone uses for incoming and outgoing calls on your soft phone. This is a more universal approach than the TAPI interface because not all phones are TAPI compliant. Now, I don't currently use Express Talk, although I've been reconsidering it recently. I've used eyeBeam (xLite) for some time now and am reluctant to give it up because it's a pretty solid phone. However, I've found the CounterPath folks to be less than responsive to my requests. They've been very unresponsive to implementing things like Click2Dial context menu dialing and TAPI compliance. And, they still haven't responded to my questions about a ScreenPop application. (I think I'll have to post this over on their forum boards). It just seems that every time I have a great idea on how to make my telephone life easier, I'm searching for some third-party solution that will do what eyeBeam won't. I know they just came out with their Bria product. But it still doesn't seem to have these little features I want and need, but rather lots of other exotic functions that I don't care about (video phone for example). I digress. The setup is very easy because the program has a smart auto phone detect feature that makes configuring the software a snap. You also specify how you want ScreenPop to search for and open your Outlook Contacts. For example, you can tell it to only search business and mobile numbers, or select all numbers to search. The searching work just great with about 2 second pops on my dual-corel aptop with only a few hundred contacts. If a phone number is not found, you can optionally configure ScreenPop to create a new contact. It will populate the new Contact form with the caller ID name and phone number. It leaves the open contact windows on your desktop for your review before you close and save (or delete) them. The cons are few. But, I would like to be able to tell ScreenPop which phone number to populate (Business Phone is the default field). Also, I'd like to be able to automatically assign categories to new contacts (i.e. insert the line number the call came in) and automatically create phone journal entries to track calls in the Outlook journal. I've got Tony over in tech support looking into these things. If there are any VB programmers out there, I'm looking into getting the source code to add these features. It's supposedly available under the GPL. I'm pretty busy and could use some help with things like this. However, my dream is that NCH, or some soft phone company will realize that this is a highly desired feature and incorporate it into their product. Jimbo
  8. Yes. I've tried Express Talk via. Axon and Express Talk by itself. I have the exact same problem with both setups. I started with Express Talk via Axon because I had read about he Broadvoice issues. However, using Axon did not solve my problem. I've heard that the Broadvoice servers have problems. Can you elaborate a bit as to what issues Broadvoice presents? If Broadvoice is so problematic, perhaps I should find another SIP gateway vendor. Thanks. Jimbo
  9. Freinds, I don't understand how the ring process works Broadvoice and Express Talk. When an incoming caller phones my Brodavoice line and Express Talk, my registered softphone client, answers the phone, the caller hears a continuous ring, rather than distince phone rings, just like you'd expect when calling anyone on a regular phone line. Now, I don't have this issue with other softphones I've used. So, I have to conclude that it's some configuration issue or incompatibility between Broadvoice and Express Talk that causes this to happen. Can anyone shed light on this issue? I really want to use Express Talk and the other NCH products. Thanks. Jimbo
  10. I just got Broadvoice working with Axom using the Express Talk softphone with multiple lines. Whew! However, when an incoming caller dials either of these lines and rings my softphone, they hear a continous ring tone on their phone. My softphone rings distinctly 5 times before going to voice mail. However, the caller doesn't hear five separate rings--just one continuous, very annoying ring. I'd guess that my callers would hang up thinking there is some sort of propblem long before the Broadvoice voice mail pics up. What would cause that to happen? How do I fix it? Jimbo
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