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  1. most win pbx are either immature, or two expensive for the same kind of immaturity. Axon appears to have some issues with NAT on extensions, so if your planning on large residential rollouts, I would forget it, until you get a comment from NCH on why their software works with a limited number of NAT routers. If you can control the hardware & config on each extension then Its fairly stable. SIP providers are a dime and a dozen, yet each has its own issues, and can introduce more difficulties for your PBX. the bandwidth question is difficult to answer. G.729 is a 8kb codec, so it really does not use much at all, but the packets have to get their consistently, so if your link is every congested your going to have issues.
  2. You should allow the Axon executable permission to use the network interface, so it can send out data. Windows should ask you this and you can choose "Allow". If they cant hear you then it might not be a receiving problem at their end (ie. SIP phone is behind a NAT device).
  3. I havent tested a full restore yet, but the settings are stored in the registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\NCH Swift Sound You can backup this key, and it will include all your extension & line configuration. There are also some files stored in the following folder C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data Which seems like a stupid place to store stuff. I dont think the files are as important, but it does include log files, and if your using IVM, your mailboxes as well! I REALLY think NCH should allow us to edit where this data is stored as part of the program settings, and provide a backup feature for config. James.
  4. Thanks for the response. Unfortunatley Ive already tried these settings you suggest, and it hasnt helped. Since this post, ive tried extension to extension calls with Axon, from the affected user(s) handset, and the same problem occurs. So I know the issue is not with the SIP carrier. Im convinced the issue is NAT related, or something else related to SIP packet loss, but it must have something to do with Axon in particular, or my network with these users. Does Axon send some kind of Keep alive packets, which are easily dropped by some routers/networks, which would cause lost calls? Why is Axon sensitive like this? Go figure.
  5. I just tried 3cx beta after reading this thread, and all I can say is what a bug fest, I couldnt even get a VOIP account setup using the web management wizard. Never had a single problem setting up Axon, and 3cx has about 10x the install base. (50mb+ install). dont waste your time until they release the real version, this should be an alpha, and should never have left the developers machine. James.
  6. I have a problem that will see me quit using Axon & IVM unless I can get a solution for this problem!! Quite a few users using extensions on our Axon server are constantly losing their calls. The calls do not hangup, instead they just go quiet. We are using Engin as the SIP carrier for most of our outbound/inbound calls configured as an External Line in Axon. I have played with the two SIP compatability options for this external line, and it does not seem to make a difference either way! Research in whirlpool and various SIP related sites, indicate this is a probably a NAT issue, as most of the calls lose/timeout about 5:32 seconds, or 7 minutes. The axon server is NOT behind a NAT router (public IP). However the users on the extensions ARE behind various NAT routers on several DSL networks, using either Sipura-ATA 3000 or Grandstream GXP2000 handsets. I have tried every conceivable setting related to NAT on these devices, as well as switching NAT routers and settings up a DMZ for the users IP phone. If I take Axon out of the picture and setup the IP phone to register and make calls via Engin directly, they no longer experience the problem! So either the problem is with Axon, or Ive missed something! Im willing to pay for a solution to this one, or purchase Axon support if I could be assured they knew what the problem is. I just bought IVM, so I'll be disappointed if I have to switch SIP PBX's. Thanks in advance to anyone with a suggestion!!
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