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  1. Can you run two instances of IVM on the same server? We currently have 10 voip-lines for outgoing calls, but I also need 10 lines for incoming calls. But since the incoming calls is paid by the caller, I don't want to pay for flatrate lines. Problem is, I can't seem to tell IVM to use line 1-10 for outgoing only and 11-20 for incoming calls only. So one solution could be to run two instances of IVM on the server. One to handle incoming calls and one to handle outgoing. Anyone know if this is possible? Regards Henrik
  2. What is wrong with my setup?? DNS: Goto “Control Panel->Performance and Maintenance->Administrative Tools->Data Sources (ODBC)” I select "User DSN" and adds a new DNS that connects to my mysql database. If I test the connection - I get 'success connection is made' from the ODBC Data Sources administrator. The DNS is named IVRDNS I call the sqllink.exe with: line 1. IVRDNS line 2. insert into IVR (q1) values(1) Table is called IVR + there is a column called q1 present in the table (INTEGER) Log-file shows Run plugin: "C:\Documenter and settings\henrik\skrivebord\ivr lyd\sqllink.exe to plugin" IVRDNS "insert into IVR (q1) values(1)" But I keep getting an error in return. If I use a system DNS + .asp-page on localhost - the "insert into IVR (q1) values(1)" inserts a row in the IVR database without any problems. Any ideas what I am doing wrong??
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