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  1. The .dct file is proprietary to NCH and can only be generated by their software products. All of the digital handheld dictation recorders use a file format that is proprietary to the manufacturer of the device or a coalition that they belong to. Some devices may offer .mp3 as a second choice but I don't know of any that offer a .dct option. Unless NCH has recently convinced one of the device manufacturers to include .dct as an option, the only place to generate .dct files is on a Win/OSX workstation or the Iphone. If you must use a handheld device other than an Iphone, you will probably end u
  2. I would like to send a copy of Express Dictate to someone a considerable distance from me. The intent is to have her create dictation files to be sent back to me by email or FTP for transcription. Her computer skills are minimal so I don't relish the thought of explaining to her how to set up the program in addition to operating it. Is there a way to include a setup file that ED will use during installation to configure FTP or email settings without user intervention?
  3. NCH products are notoriously finicky when it comes to router/firewalls. I had to swap out my SMC router/firewall for a FireBox in order to get Axon to work. I'm now having the same problems on a system with a Linksys router/firewall. I can set up NCH software (Axon & ExpressTalk) along with four other hardware and software SIP phones behind a given router/firewall and get all of them to work except the NCH products. I can even end up with ExpressTalk working but Axon not functioning in one direction or the other. Their software just doesn't seem to have the smarts of other products when it
  4. I'm working on a project for a NFP organization that needs fewer than 50 seats of single site limited instant messaging and voice intercom using a wireless LAN. As a NFP, the organization can get Live Communications Server (LCS) and associated Office Communicator messaging client for a very attractive price. The majority of the users will be transient volunteers so I am trying to make the user interface as simple and familiar as possible. The Communicator program looks and feels like Microsoft Messenger, AOL IM Yahoo Messenger etc. so users will only need to be trained on the voice calling fea
  5. I am rushing to do a proof of concept on an Axon/IVM/IVR/Express Talk system by the end of today to take advantage of the NCH half price sale. Unfortunately, I have run into a big stumbling block that threatens to sink the whole project. I have Axon set up and registering with my VOIP provider Viatalk's sip server. I can complete calls inbound from Viatalk using my Express Talk or X-Lite softphones in either standalone mode or with Axon acting as my PBX. However, when I attempt to call outbound via Axon using either softphone, the calls fail. Calls placed with Express Talk registered direc
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