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  1. Thanks for that . I today downloaded the component as advised. However the trial version, installed 5th August, has already expired so I'll never know now will I?(i thought it was 30 days, not 14?) I'll send a sample to the address provided. You know I thought that this would be the program I wanted, but it seems too difficult to get it to work. back to Nero I guess!
  2. i have saved a few (25)tracks as mp3. They played whilst being edited (divided into short files)but give the error message 'corrupt or not a true layer 3mpeg file'. This is the case for all 25 recordings. I have tried to open with wmedia player, creative, Nero media player and Nero wave pad, but it will not open. I have also tried an mp3 repair tool (aspect 1) but this won't open it either. I assume that this is not part of the demo function? I was considering buying the product but am not so keen now. Anyone else seen this before? I looked through the threads but couldnt see any
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