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  1. AH HA!!!!!! I found the problem. The Mp3 encoding file was corrupt. It did not get deleted when i deleted the software and did not get re-installed when i re-installed the software so i had to get the mp3el component off of their component website and re-install it. All is well now!!!
  2. Hello, i have been using WavePad for about 3 or 4 months now and when i go to save MP3s a error message pops up that says it can not create ####.mp3 I did nothing to the software i was just using one minute and the next it wouldn't save Mp3s. I have -Re-installed it several different times. -I have the newest version. -I have reinstalled old versions to see if that would fix it but they do the same thing now! -With each re-install i have deleted it before re-installing. I have not a clue what to do, I have tried downloading and using other audio editing software but this is my favorite!! Please Help Thanks, Forrest
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