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  1. While these calls were very important business calls possibly required for litigation, I'm about ready to give up. And I'm going to STOP recommending the NCH software. My posts on recording with my NCH recommendations have been viewed tens of thousands of times and I don't see WHY I should recommend software with ZERO support. I paid for TRX and Wavepad, but I sure won't buy anything else from NCH. Would a pearl fall out of your crown if you answered questions at your own support forum? Sure, you can delete the post HERE, but you won't be deleting the repost at MY sites. M
  2. Thanks, that sounds TOTALLY logical. Thing is, I don't have an "administrator" directory and I've tried all the others. There are other NCH directories, but I can't find "TRX". And I know that's what I'm currently using. Is there any way to search windows for the DIRECTORY "trx"? It has to be somewhere.
  3. Almost 4 years later, over the years, I've never quite been able to figure this out. Sometimes it's better than others. Last fall the recording was really low again. Recently I bought a new RadioShack adapter and that seemed to have helped a lot. But maybe it's because I'm on a different computer. Do have to say that I like the software, some of the best money I ever spent.
  4. I recently had my notebook die and I'm struggling to synchronize my files. I had a bunch of recordings, but can't find them. What is the default location? Thanks for a hint ...
  5. It was turned on, but that didn't help. I've since registered the TRX, have the same problem there. It got to the point were I went back to VRS, it's slightly better, but it's just not usable for court without manually increasing the volume for the caller with wavepad. Is it worth the hassle trying to record through the modem? I tried to get it working through my SmartModem once, but finally gave up. Or should I just go back to the digital voice recorder? Perfect quality, but I have to manually transfer calls. I really don't understand why *I* can hear the caller, the voice
  6. I got the Radio Shack adapter and while my voice was always louder on the recording, recently it got so low it is hard to understand. Is there a setting to adjust?
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