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  1. I agree you shouldn't need to play with animation keyframes to get that effect. We will add a dedicated Ken Burns / Pan & Zoom effect in the next release. Thanks
  2. VideoPad has a feature dedicated to doing stop-motion, time lapses, etc. Go to the File menu and select "Import Images as Video..."
  3. Reproduced and fixed. The fix will be included in the next release. Thanks for reporting the issue
  4. Confirmed that this is a bug. It happens because the rectangle behind the text is is antialiased. I've fixed it and it will be ok in the next release, which should be available in the next few days.
  5. I've fixed the problem. VideoPad was incorrectly treating RGBA video as BGRA so the blue and red channels were swapped. It will be fixed in the next update which is due in the next week or so.
  6. The 'normalize audio volume' option takes effect when you import the file for the first time, not when you export. I've changed it so that after changing the option, you will be prompted to restart VideoPad. After restarting, the option will have taken effect. Will be working properly in the next release, probably less than a week away. Thanks!
  7. I'll start work on advanced mask-based cropping and effects next week. Expect it in the next version! In the mean time, you can do it in a hacky way: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8U1ALrbZ9GA
  8. The next version of VideoPad will allow you to choose the resolution at which to record. Right now, by default it will a low-res recording unfortunately. To increase the resolution of the video previews in general, you can go to Options->Display->Preview Resolution.
  9. It's on our TODO list - to add an 'un-split' feature. I'll get it in for the next release.
  10. Confirming that this has been fixed in the latest version. There's no real difference between .ogg and .ogv as far as VideoPad is concerned. You could export to .ogg with an old version of VideoPad and then rename the file from file.ogg to file.ogv.
  11. It turns out that it's a false positive and we're working with the anti-virus companies to resolve the issue. It's safe.
  12. Did you download v 3.74 from nchsoftware.com or nch.com.au? Files from these sites are fine. If you got it from a 3rd party site, which one? Thanks.
  13. I found that the "Zoom to cropped region" option on the Crop effect was not using a smooth image scaling method. The next version will do a bilinear scale. In the mean time you could get around this issue by not checking the "Zoom to cropped region" option and instead applying an additional Scale effect after the Crop to scale it up manually.
  14. ConnorBrendish


    Yes, the YouTube upload feature has been fixed in this version.
  15. There's a 500ms audio fade out at the end of every video exported. I'll make it optional in the next version. Thanks
  16. I use an FX-8320 at home and VideoPad does use all eight cores while editing but for exporting it will depend on the codec you're using. When exporting to H.264 it should use all of them.
  17. Which version of VideoPad are you using?
  18. 3.55 is now the official release.
  19. Yeah, sorry. It'll be fixed in the next version (3.55). Hopefully that'll be release in the next couple of days as it includes some other improvements Thanks for reporting the issue.
  20. Which version of VideoPad are you using?
  21. Which transition are you using? What's the duration? Maybe you could upload a screen capture video showing the issue or select File -> "Back Up Project Files To Folder", zip this folder and upload it so we can try to reproduce the issue.
  22. What were you trying to do when it crashed? What do you mean by "most of preview are missing", could you post a screenshot please?
  23. Hi, this issue was fixed the latest version of VideoPad.
  24. Hi all, Does anyone ever use a tab other than the 'Home' tab? Are the 'Clips', 'Sequence' and 'Audio' tabs useful for your video editing editing workflow?
  25. Your computer specs look good. VideoPad can't directly cause a BSOD, but your OpenGL or DirectX drivers can. Does your machine BSOD when running any other graphics applications? I know you said your video drivers are up to date, but could you download the latest ones from the AMD website and check again? Write down what the BSOD says and post it here so we can maybe find out which driver is crashing. Also, the cache files in temp/VideoPadCache are just cache files and they don't need to be manually backed up - it'll make no difference to your project.
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