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  1. Many thanks. The font is installed in Windows and is available in other apps, and used to work in VideoPad v2.x. So, I tried changing the font to something else, saving, and changing it back. I got the first change to stick (Stencil, because why not?) but it went back to Arial instead of Whitney. Possibly VideoPad isn't recognizing OTF fonts, only TrueType? Off to find a font converter tool (possibly the only thing NCH Software doens't make?)
  2. Using VideoPad Professional v 3.14 (Windows). I'm having a little trouble getting VideoPad to recognize the font I want to use for text overlays. This worked in v2.x but all I'm getting now is plain old Arial TTF instead of Whitney Book (an OTF font). Is there a trick to installing fonts so that VideoPad will recognize them?
  3. Does VideoPad "like" or benefit from an upgraded video card? I'm looking for a way to improve performance when saving video files. Anything I can do to speed it up would make me happy. Current setup: Intel i5 quad core, 3 ghz Onboard Intel HD 2000 graphics 6 GB RAM Windows 7 Home Premium Performance index for video currently is 5.1 for desktop/aero, 5.8 for business/video Here's the Newegg page for full specs: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16883113198
  4. I deleted the original post asking why VP3 was only using 1 of 4 cores on my new i5 which replaced a dual core pentium that died last week. I migrated all my apps with WET* and it probably brought some registry settings with it that were confusing it. I decided to try again with complete uninstall/reinstall v2/install v3 and I see that it now seems to be using all 4 cores equally. * Windows "Easy" Transfer. Trivia: there's no way to migrate from a computer that won't boot because of a dead motherboard, even though the hard drive is perfectly fine. However, thanks to Google I was able to get the job done with a bit of vmware-fu. Question for everyone lurking (via PM if the mods don't want to discuss this in the beta topic) -- the new PC has onboard Intel HD Graphics 2000 -- would there be any performance benefit for VideoPad by upgrading the video card? If so, any recommendations?
  5. Control Panel / Mouse / Motion tab. Dunno if that's something available with default mouse drivers, or if Logitech installs that. I've only ever used their trackballs and keyboards. I have "Disable acceleration in games" selected, speed about 1/3, acceleration medium. Hm. Compared mine with hubby's, who has a generic MS mouse. Seems the Acceleration setting is a Logitech thing, as he doesn't have it on his. Here's a link to download the driver to see what I'm doing. Short link: http://mbcurl.me/2CWT Full link: <http://www.logitech.com/en-us/support/trackballs/wireless-trackball-m570?osid=1&section=downloads&softwareid=671&bit=32#http://www.logitech.com/pub/techsupport/mouse/setpoint650.exe>
  6. Along with all the crash reports etc., I figured I'd report a successful outcome -- I generated a video from my test project, and it plays just fine. I like that it now prompts me to overwrite a previous iteration instead of endlessly creating new ones. Might consider making that configurable though. I also like that it's smart enough now to use the project name and path as the default for the output.
  7. So, when I split a video and remove a bit from the middle, the rest of the timeline no longer snaps to the cursor position as it did in v2. I'd like this back, or at least a way to make this configurable please. It's a bit tedious to relocate a short outro back to the end of the sequence. On the other hand, I like that I can shift-click to select more than one clip. (explaining my workflow here -- I produce screencasts of product demos, as well as edited webinars. I typically drop the whole sequence into the timeline, and do my clipping there, rather than previewing clips and setting in and out points there, seems more efficient that way as I can nuke the "coughs" and extraneous chatter from a webinar as I'm listening to it, rather than preparing each clip in advance) Also: old gripe from v2 -- I use a Logitech trackball that allows me to set the acceleration of the pointer. Almost all other apps understand this; Videopad doesn't. Result -- the cursor slows wayyy down when Videopad gets focus. Any possibility of fixing this?
  8. Crash: Setting start and end points for an MP3 sound clip, added clip to beginning of timeline, pressed Ctrl-scrollwheel to zoom in on timeline, moved horiz. scrollbar to beginning, pressed Ctrl-scrollwheel to zoom again, kaBOOM! Verdict: still a bit ticklish. Looking forward to further abuse :-)
  9. Upgraded to version available from link on November 2. So far no crashes, and I'm in the middle of creating and generating a video right now. I was clipping and arranging some tracks and got a crash: 1. added intro to project 2. added main video sequence to project 3. added audio clip to project 4. added outro to project 5. saved project file 6. clipped main video at 20:00 7. clipped main video at 30:00 8. deleted clipped section from middle 9. I see that it didn't automatically move remaining clip after deleting some. I dragged the remainder of the main sequence to the end of the first segment. 10. dragged outro to end of sequence after it too was left at the far end of the timeline. 11. Oops, crashed. 12. sent bug report :-)
  10. Checked the FTP server a couple times, but didn't see the install file. Will check again. [edit: successful download from the link in your original message, thanks] Also, your forum link frequently redirects to a bandwidth exceeded message. Pretty sure you're aware of that ;-)
  11. Yes, clicking around in the clip bin. Question -- where should we be checking for updates? Are you doing nightly builds, or should we wait for a notification?
  12. Awwwww yeahhhh! The panes are now resizeable! This is huge, thanks!
  13. Install: It would be nice to have the option to install to a different directory than the default.
  14. I like the look so far, still figuring out where to find things I'm accustomed to using. So far: Can't import files from project created in previous version. However it seems to open older version project files. It would be nice for the "import files from another project" to work the same way. After opening a project file, it seems to take quite awhile for it to begin playing. Then it crashes -- bug report on its way. Also: The video project I imported seems to have two instances of each file on the Video Files tab -- intro, outro, and main video. And it crashed again while I was clicking around in the overlays tab (bug report sent) OS: Windows XP SP3 Hardware: Intel, Pentium dual core, 4 gigs RAM.
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