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  1. If you disable direct draw 3d can you load the files then? Type in dxdiag in run box and click the display tab when it comes up. I have a sound max card and I have to do this everytime I want to load an mpeg 2 file. I don't know what the solution is just yet, but that may help you temporarily. When you use something else though you will probably have to enable the directx draw again.
  2. I have Wavepad v3.05 on a HP pavilion PC running WindowsXP. When I do a load file of an Mpeg file that has an mp2 track the windows comes up saying Loading with DirectX and then it stops and a message comes up that Wavepad has to close and do you want to send an error report to microsoft. If I disable the direct draw acceleration functions in DxDiag Wavepad will open the file, of course, Media Player and some other programs suffer until I turn it back on. I have another computer that has windowsXP Pro on it and wavepad comes up just find on these files. Thanks in advance.
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