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    As far as I am aware, some of those variables are only available in IVM and not Axon. From using ODBC with Axon the only varaibles I can get to work at %time%, %date%, %to_number%, %from_number%, %duration%. I've tried all the variables from IVM and none work in Axon.
  2. I've been checking the SIP messages generated by Axon. They show that my VOIP service provider is sending the expiry time to Axon as 60 seconds. Yet Axon only re-registers after 10 minutes if it loses contact with the service provider. The log is: 19:14:26 UDP Packet Received from <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< SIP/2.0 200 OK Via: SIP/2.0/UDP xxxxx:5060;rport=5060;branch=z9hG4bK27752 Record-Route: <sip:;lr=on> Record-Route: <sip:;ftag=1593;lr=on> From: <sip:xxxxx@sip.voipfone.co.uk>;tag=1593 To: <sip:xxxxx@sip.voipfone.co.uk>;tag=as0740f7b7 Call-ID: 1175277915-752-DELL@ CSeq: 25 REGISTER User-Agent: Voipfone Sip Network Allow: INVITE, ACK, CANCEL, OPTIONS, BYE, REFER Expires: 60 Contact: <sip:xxxxx@>;expires=60 Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2007 18:14:46 GMT Content-Length: 0 Would it be possible to not only set the registration time, but to set the time before re-trying to connect if there is a connection failure?
  3. My router is set-up to forward port 5060 to my Axon machine, and I have run the Axon networking wizard. 99% of the time I do not have any problems with the registration with my VOIP service. However, several times a day, Axon will fail to register, and then waits 10 minutes before trying again. If there was an option to set the registration time to a short time (eg 60 seconds), like 3CX, Call Butler and my IP Phone, I would not miss incomming calls for 20 minutes each day. Wayne
  4. Hi, Is there anyway to set the Registration expiry time in Axon? It appears that it deafults to 10 minutes, however I find that several times a day Axon has a problem registering with my VOIP provider, and then waits 10 minutes to try again. This means that for 10 minutes, several times a day, I don't have a connection. My SIP phones, ATA adaptors and VOIP Routers all let me set Registration expiry times (set at 60 seconds) for connecting to Axon, but Axon doesn't let me set it for connecting to the outside world.
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