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  1. Hallo Julie-Anne, you can check under Options – Short Keys. The option Systemwide shortkeys has to be deactivate if you do not want to use the F keys for play, rewind etc. With best regards, Lisa
  2. Hallo johndoe, unfortunately this is not the truth. Express Scribe does not support ds2 files and so does Switch. There is not tool on the market. So as professional transcribist you and I can not say adios to Olympus Standard With best regards, Lisa
  3. Hallo, you don't make a mistake. Unfortunately, it seems this is a bug in Switch. I can reproduce this effect with 30 per cent of the ds2 files which I tried to convert with Switch. I have decided the bug in V. 4.28. Today I have tested with Switch V. 4.79. And the bug is still existing. Unfortunately, the site of the only alternative tool that I have found (Voelker Dss Converter) is further not available. So there is a corner on the market for converting ds2 files to a wav or mp3 or wma. With best regards, Lisa
  4. Hallo, you do not make a mistake. It seems this is a bug in Switch. With best regards, Lisa
  5. Hallo N_C_H_Parsons, Interestingly, there is "not olympus software" on the market which is able to play ds2 files, like: Bytescribe WavPlayer Devacon ProPlayer GearPlayer If I have to buy the Olympus DSS Player Standard Software then of course I can use it to transcribe. Please also have a look at this thread: http://nch.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/21922-format-is-not-supported-by-express-scribe/#entry51596 for my arguments. To NCH Software: Use the (worldwide) corner on the market and give us a ds2 support for Express Scribe or for Switch or both!!! W
  6. Hallo N_C_H_joshb, here I am now. I have just downloaded Switch 4.79 and tried to convert 3 such "bad" ds2 files to wav. And the result is: Also Switch 4.79 does not convert ds2 files correctly to wav. Switch convertes the files. But by playing the converted file it stops playing at the same time like Express Scribe Pro. Now I had a look at the Switch site. There is explicitly mentioned that Switch supports the ds2 format, see: http://www.nch.com.a...ch/kb/1405.html But this is not true. Switch also can not convert these files correctly.
  7. Hallo N_C_H_joshb, Are you sure that Switch can convert ds2 files correctly? In 2012 as I found out that Express Scribe Pro doesn't support DS2 files correctly (see http://nch.invisionz...ting-ds2-files/) I have tried to use Switch to convert the ds2 files to wav and Switch also does not convert the ds2 files correctly. This was version 4.28 of Switch. In this way I have tested: 1. I take such a ds2 file, which Express Scribe begins to play and stops at a fix time. 2. I have converted the same ds2 file with Switch 4.28. 3. Than I load the converted wav file to Express Sc
  8. Hallo, I have sent bug-reports about this problem since August 2012 (!) and described in the forum, see here: Express Scribe Pro will not play DS2 files Since that time I have load the written: DSS File Converter I used this tool for all incoming ds2 files for two years - it works fine. It is not free of charge but the price is fair. With best regards Lisa
  9. Hallo, I'm now using Express Scribe Pro 5.46 (Windows XP SP3) in German. Now there is an update available. I have read the handbook and the website carefully but I have not found any information how to make the update. Is it necessary to uninstall v. 5.46 before installing new version? Or is it possible to install v 5.58 over v. 5.46? Thanks for every information. Greetings, Lisa
  10. Hallo, I have found only this site with the new versions. Does anyone know what's new in Express Scribe 5.58? Thanks for every information. Greetings, Lisa
  11. Hallo Rowena, I have the same problem. I have also sent a bug report to NCH but no answer since August 2012. And I have found this workaround converting the DS2 file by using this DSS File Converter: DSS File Converter Hope this can help you too. With best regards, Lisa
  12. No, it does not eliminate this problem! I have tried the NCH's Switch. By converting such an DS2 file using NCH Switch the same bug results! I have described my experiences with this effect here: Bug by importing DS2 files I have found this workaround: converting the DS2 file by using this DSS File Converter: DSS File Converter With best regards Nora Richter (aka Lisa)
  13. Hallo, first of all excuse my English, please. I use Express Scribe Pro 5.46 in German at Windows XP SP3. I get a lot of DS2 files from my customers every day. Express Scribe Pro plays the most files normally. Playing some of the files the following effect happens: Import of file with the dialog „Load file“ without any error message. Playing file stops at a fixed point. The time counter in the caption of the program continues but I can not hear anything. If I import the file again this effect ist repeatable. Playing stops at the same point of the file. The time counter conti
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