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  1. Hi all, So I have managed to get the IVM system pretty well setup, but the only thing I am struggling with now is actually collecting data with a survey. I created a new OGM and that works smoothly, but when a respondent enters a response, its not saved anywhere. I am trying to use the "Add entry to special log" feature but its not working. I have created a variable called Q1A and that is created, but the value of Q1A (meaning the value provided by the respondent) isn't ever placed into the data file I created. It is always just blank. Here is what I have in the log line file: %date%,%time%,%linename%,%cid%,%did%,%drn%,%Q1A%, In the Set Local Call Variable field I have entered Q1A. In the Key Response tab I have named the variable Q1A. Like I said though, not working. When I open up the spreadsheet, the column is created, but its empty.
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