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  1. I tried to follow the instructions online but it doesn't make sense. I am running Mac 5.09. Can someone (who is using Mac) tell me how to create hot keys? When I go to Preferences/Keys, it will not let me add a shortcut. I then paid for the full masters version ( thinking that was the problem) but I still cannot add keyboard shortcuts. Thank you!
  2. I have been using the free version of Wavepad for Mac. It does not look like the nice video showing the project window and all the tools. I sent several emails to NCH but did not receive a reply as to what I'd get with the full version. Today, I purchased the full master's version. Guess what? It looks just like the free version. I want what is shown on the video...!!! Can anyone tell me what the deal is? I just spent $100 because I paid for one year's worth of priority email support as well. Then I see that's only six emails! Here's what my screen looks like:
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