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  1. I can confirm that this software is slow.


    Problems that I faced in version 3.31 were reported.


    Unable to update to the next version without pay an extra year licence.


    Known if problems were resolved.


    Would be a great program if the better customer support and patches were available for free.

  2. Currently running version 3.27



    • Drop and drag items into bill of materials from main list
    • Sort column by suppliers on main listing
    • Import supplier’s details when importing product csv files
    • Selectable custom sell stock drop down menu e.g. only shows products that have bill of material items contained
    • Create report of products with bill of material contained showing complete item list


    Please feel free to leave your requests below

  3. I agree with you Turoteknikk currently there is no option available


    There should be a supplier columns available

    Also be able to import csv files with supplier detail as part of the item that you are importing


    less manual work then

  4. Software version 3.27 Possible Software bug ?



    I have created a number of items which have bill of materials in them


    Once an Item is sold with a Bill of materials contained the main item screen should reflect what item are still available and in stock or out of stock




    Product 123A


    Contain bill of materials


    Product A

    Product B


    The Software currently works out what is available for each item and adds them to 123A Product


    Product A total of 6 items in stock

    Product B total of 6 item in stock


    Allowing a total of 6 x 123A Product available


    But once the product is sold the stock levels change in the the sell stock menu but not on the Main Items Screen


    So can't see if there is a low stocked item easily


    Have found that if you sell only Product A and or Product B


    The Stock level reflects in real time on the main item screen

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