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  1. R u using soft phone or hard phone......... u can have this problem on soft phone as it
  2. hi How much incoming lines your phone has ? if two incoming than u have to register two extensions in it.......... and on axon define your incoming calls to a group........ and add the both extension, that u have registered in ur phone. in that case if one extension is busy axon will ring other extension in group.
  3. geniune

    IVM & AXON

    Hi you have to use blind transfer option in IVM for AXON to transfer calls to desired extensions
  4. hi Ok try this...... make a new extention in axon and register it in IVM as new line....... uncheck dial out at line 198 and allow dial out at new line. try to transfer now I hope it will work
  5. Its a single port 30 cahnnels card. It habdles 30 channels over a single R 45 port. you can find information at www. sangoma.com model a101
  6. geniune

    IVR using IVM & AXON

    Its not the iVM job to transfer directly to city-2 server. It will work like this IVM ------- Axon City - 1-----------Axon City - 2 ---------------- Axon City - 3 ------- goes on All the axon needs to be connected with each other over internet. IVM will answer the call and will transfer to AXOn its now axons job to transfer the according to its dial plan. Or You can configure each cities extention in IVM and than IVM can directly transfer the call to required city server.
  7. You should use blind transfer in OGM transfer call settings, you also need to allow outbond calls in setings.
  8. geniune

    IVM & Axon help

    Hi If you can transfer it to an internal extention your problem can be solved this way also. transfer call to internal extention through IVM and than forward that extention to external number in axon........... I hope your problem solved.....
  9. geniune

    IVM through Axion

    Hi Why you need IVM for just call transfer. It can be done through Axon only. Axon can auto receive call play a prompt and can transfer call to remote server / number.
  10. Sure Why not............
  11. It would be graet If you add support for asterisk cards like FXO / FXS / E1 Thanks
  12. geniune

    Sangoma E1 Card

    hi Deos IVM support sangoma E1 card thanks
  13. Hi Deos Axon support Sangoma E1 card ??????? Regards
  14. hi 1 How to connect Panasonic Kx-TA 616 telephone exchange with Axon ??????
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