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  1. Interesting as it never happened on my old laptop, so I have never come across that. I don't type notes in Express Scribe, I just use it to listen and then write it up in Word, but your idea of just typing something at the point I'm at is not bad. I might use that, thank you. Just interesting I have never had it before and I have been using this software for over 10 years.
  2. Since I got my new laptop, every time the laptop runs out of battery, any recording I am working on goes back to the beginning. This never happened before with previous laptops. Has anybody come across this and any suggestions what I can do?
  3. Has anybody yet discovered the solution to this problem? I am facing the exact same issue. I received a handful of mp3 files from the same client, half open fine and the other half show the duration as 0, won't load but I can listen to them on Real Player. Help please! And I tried loading them via the window as mentioned, but I still have that problem.
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