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  1. Any solution to this yet.??? I also am having the same problem with the talk voice telephony device, and it rewinds by itself without a key being pressed, so far only with one dictator.
  2. I also have 2 pots lines and randomly (so far seems like after 5 minutes) dial dictate comes on and says "stopped" "please press 9 to dictate" So I unchecked both boxes for end of call detection. What about the recording continuous auto stop time... ?? Mine is on 450 seconds... Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated
  3. I just installed a pci callurl board. Dialdictate works, but if I hang up before entering id, dial dictate does not hang, and when I test the tapi device, it does not hang up either. If I call back, it is busy until I reset dialdictate. I have tried the learn function for hang up settings on callurl but it did not work. Is it because the tapi device is set at fsk and not dtmf? I also would like to a phone on that line and have the caller press a key to activate dial dictate like you do with a fax machine. Is this possible? That would be awesome. I saw the above question in the forums b
  4. Hi, I have a question for anyone... Because I have Broadvoice, I had to install Axon. I have my Linksys config to go directly to the DialDictate extension of Axon and also my Dial Group set that Express Talk is supposed to pick up 35 seconds after DialDictate, and yet, when I have Express Talk running as per the instructions in Axon, DialDictate tries to pick up the call and then disconnects and Express Talk picks up the call. If I turn off Express Talk, DialDictate seems to work okay, except that Axon has Error returned 401 Unauthorized. Can I turn off Express Talk and run Axon
  5. I am having ongoing problems. but have a simple question. There are three options in Axon for allowing inocming calls. UPNP, stun, and private IP. I have a cable modem so it is dhcp thus is not a static public IP. I enabled UPNP in my network connections and also in the router, but it did not work. lastly there is the stun, which only connects some of the time though I have forwarded stun ports and voice port, assigned static private ip to the pc with axon on it, enable nat mapping, etc. but then I see under nch broadvoice settings it says stun servers must be turned off. I am out of
  6. I have set up a group in Axon DDgroup. when I call in first I get the annoying chimes, and then it usually gets routed to the Express phone instead of DialDictate or both at the same time, even though I set Express to delay 20 seconds. If I shut off the chimes and do ring only in Axon, nothing works. Maybe my dial plan in my router is incorrect??? [s0<:101@AxonIP:5060>]
  7. The two biggest selling points of dial dictate to me is the ability to have the internal dictation number and the ability to save recordings. This may sound like a mundane problem, but I am up to 4 digit numbers for one user, and I used to hear all four but now I only hear the last two, i.e. instead of 2123, I just get 23. Any thoughts on why this is happening??
  8. Hi BroadVoice person, I got it to work by uninstalling and reinstalling Axon. I used proxy.mia.broadvoice.com in my outbound server in axon only, not DD.... I think mia is the local that I used on my cisco. I also have Express Talk installed but with a 15 second delay in my dialing group. My local SIP ports are different in express talk, dialdictate and axon. I did the Set up Wizard and got 5070 on Dial dictate and proceeded from there. I currently have everything running on one machine, so that was simple enough. The only thing that has me worried now is my "NAT or router i
  9. Hi, I thought you had to install Express Talk to make it all work together. Also, I called Broadvoice about the settings and they said outgoing proxy server would be with a - not a . like proxy-bos.broadvoice.com Regarding advanced settings, did you change outbound in both DD and Axon ?? Please let me know how you make out because I have been trying to get this to work for 2 weeks even with paid support.... I am still getting does not respond to register (sip:102@localhost). The DD seems to work intermittently when I make the settings directly to broadvoice, but I want to inst
  10. Just wanted to send a quick note about resolved the busy signal problem. Due to the lawsuits Vonage is dealing with they have to make a lot of changes. Last week, my virtual number kept coming up with a busy signal and then on Friday all of my lines were busy as well. It took the whole day but Vonage says they are making a lot of changes that are probably no longer capatible with Dial Dictate or other such software. I only got this answer after I asked for a disconnect. Thus I am switching to other voip and scrambling to put things together. Just wanted to send out a heads up.
  11. I have Vonage with three phone lines, one virtual phone number. All phone numbers work fine with Dial Dictate. i can call my softphone virtual number and it picks up, but when I have Dial Dictate up and call my virtual phone number, i get a busy signal. If I can the local number that that virtual number is forwarded to, Dial dictate picks up fine. What happened? My long distance doc is not too happy about calling locally to dictate.
  12. I had the problem with disconnects with Dial Dictate and Vonage. I downloaded Axon to correct. It has decreased but not disappeared. The bigger problem is since then (nothing else has changed) I am getting dead air dictation at least 2-4 dictations a day (never had this happen before). If I have to choose, the disconnects were not that big of a deal. I have decreased my bandwidth and rebooted the vonage adapters, but still going on for two weeks. Should I uninstall the Axon or are the settings incorrect? The instructions for its usage are way out of my league.
  13. Certain times of the day the Dialdictate does not pick up and the calls go to voice mail on my Vonage line. After testing, I have found that if video game is played it happens (should not interfere with the Vonage line). If I exit the game, calls are picked up, but a few times even when I am not home this happens. What other programs that might run automatically might cause this? I have dedicated numbers for each dictator, so it can't be that. Can it be a memory issue? I have Windows XP 512 mb of RAM memory, 120 for the hard drive.
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