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  1. i thought id pop by and bump this up because even after three months i still havent been able to work out how this is supposed to be free to use at all... why dont forum moderators, or software programmers pipe up and give us end users some help???
  2. ok, so im working on an online radio station and need to know where i have to put the links for broadwave to detect it and allow me to use it for free. also my website is still in development so is taken down periodically for bug fixes and further development. will this cause issues with using the software for free?? i really need this software whilst im developing the site as well as once its complete. i just cant do any tests with my trial ran out and/or the links not in my site. this is really frustrating as i need to setup my equipment to run correctly and also setup my streams on the
  3. tanks for the reply ken, in regards to your Q2 responce, could you please instruct me on how to change the handy tag? im super noob to this software and therefore am not really sure of what to do. hopefully tohugh i will be before the launch of my radio station.
  4. use an html object place holder, add the flash code from your broadwave connect page into the object and hay presto...
  5. hi guys, i have recently moved to Broadwave for my audio streaming, i have everything all setup and running smoothly, the only issues i have are these; 1. is it possible to have my own personal stream name used for the .asx .m3u etc files that are used to stream to the player of choice? i would like listeners to be able to have the option to save the file and not have to rename it. 2. is it possible to have a link named as desired also, so for example, instead of having "http://12.345.678.910:88/broadwave.m3u?src=1&rate=1" could i have http://mystream.com/broadwave.m3u etc?? m
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