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  1. Hello, every time that I attach files to my dictation using Express Dictate the list appears fine. However, when I send to (a folder on my network) and Express Scribe scans and downloads the files the attachment list is gone. This is a huge problem in the environment that I am working in. Am I missing something simple? I am sending in DCT format and if I recover the file using dictate, the attachment list is there. I'm so confused. Thanks for your responses.
  2. Every time I send a file from Express Dictate (Using LAN) and Express Scribe automatically scans and downloads from the drop-box folder, the attachment list is lost. If I recover the file - the attachment list is still there in Dictate. Am I missing something simple? Is anyone else experiencing a problem like this? I am sending the files in DCT format - and I would prefer not to use E-Mail (as that doesn't seem to work either.) Thanks so much for your input.
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