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    ASIO support

    I am looking at a sound card that uses asio drivers as well as others, what system does VRS support?
  2. The audio wizard shows a signal, however it will not record a file, just tried it on the secondary (not preferred) sound card, no file is recorded, if I change the preferred recording device then it will record a file.
  3. Apparently the program wants to use "preferred devices" I have two sound cards and the primary is set to be preferred, I really don't want to change that setting every time I want to record in record pad, suggestions?
  4. I probably missed something but I cannot find what it is, the audio setup wizard in record pad shows that I have everything working, I can record in wave pad, mixpad and any other program I have, except record pad, what is going on?
  5. earthshaker

    VST plugin

    I have a VST bandpass filter, here is my silly question, in exploring the wave pad folder in program files, I did not see a folder to put plugins in, where do I put the filter software so I can use it? Apparently the version of Wave pad I have doesn't have a built in bandpass filter, the help file mentions it, but only as a description of what a band pass filter is/does and how to set it up, but it does not show up in the effects menu.
  6. I have been playing with WavePad for about a week, and I am a bit confused with the settings, I under stand that 64kbps is cd audio quality. According to the help file wavepad uses 32 bit, as a default but in the same article it is stated that 16 bit is good enough for most recording, Is this a changeable option?, Now then what the heck does 22khz mean, I am aware it is a reference to frequency, but the frequency of what? If there is a website that has all this info on it please send the link.
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