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  1. Thanks Nat, quite a bit for me to try there I will get back when I have done so. mich I removed and re-installed program with anti virus off as this was one suggestion but no improvement, will continue the fight.
  2. Nat thank you very much for replying. I have tried the suit that came with Easy Cap (Ulead Video Studio comprising of video editor and movie wizard) but that does not work it will not even recognise the capture device (EasyCap) and seems to want only a cam recorder where as video pad editor and golden editor do recognise it and produce a picture but no sound? I just wonder if I have a cheap knock off device @ just over US$9. Btw EasyCap does not need a card. The Video’s that I refer to as playing OK with Vision and sound are YouTube d/l’s Thanks again mich
  3. I am another with no sound I am using EasyCap through USB Pic fine no sound and I have tried on Video Pad Video Editor with the same results ?
  4. Greetings to everyone. I am trying to convert my old VCR tapes to DVD via EasyCap and Video Pad Video Editor but although I am getting the actual Picture in the Editor there is no sound. I am connecting direct from the VCR Rec/Player through EasyCap to my PC (Vista home premium) if I load a "downloaded" video I get pic and sound? any help would be appreciated thanks.
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