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  1. I pressed, "load" on RipCD but for some reason the program does not recognize the cd in the drive. I cannot switch drives, even if i wanted to. so how do i make the program recognize the cd?
  2. okay. i downloaded wavepad, but it still says i need to install the component, "mp3el" manually. i have the component installed, but how do i make the program recognize it?
  3. okay, here goes: I put the music files on the switch program box, then choose an output destination folder, and also choose which codec i would like to convert it to. In this case, .mp3. I press convert, and it says i need a component. So i go to the component section of this website, and i download "mp3el" which is what the message window said i needed. Now I repeat the process, and it still does not work. How can I install the component manually? Is there some special way to make "Switch" recognize the component?
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