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  1. I have updated the installer and a new version will be uploaded tomorrow
  2. I'll chech you issue, please just visit our web site and download the current version. You can just install that one over top of the curent installation.
  3. Version 3.0 is the latest version. Could you retry to a rewritable disk and please let me know the exact error message you get burning. Please contact me
  4. Did you select 'Default Track Pause' or select a different number wneh burning the CD. We fixed a few issues in this area with Express Burn 3.0 so please try that version.
  5. A normal Audio CD does not have any tag informantion. There is an optional CD-TExT information that can be written to Audio CDs but Express Burn does not do this currently
  6. A burning bug was fixed in version 3.0 for ISO images very close to the maximum size of the disk. Please try again with version 3.0
  7. I am the developer of Express Burn Please could you also try version 3.0 of Express Burn and let me know how it goes
  8. Hi, I am the developer of Express Burn. Have you tried the latest version 3.0 whci fixed a lot of errors. Also can you let me know the drive you are using and the brand of media (ie blank disk). There are a lot of compatibility issues between brand of disk and drives and some burn errors are fixed by trying a different brand of media. If version 3..0 does not help please contact me
  9. Hi, I have been able to load mpf files here ok. To check how long is your file (both in file size and duration) and what type of mpeg is it (mpeg1, mpeg2)?
  10. NCHCraig


    Hi, what operating system do you use?
  11. Prior to version 2.0 Express Burn cound not burn DVDs. Sometimes when something goes wrong in the SCSI subsystem it can lock up your system and you need to reboot.
  12. NCHCraig

    taking long

    Try the latest version 2.0 and see if that fixes your issue. Also depending on you os (particularly windows 98) try changing your ASPI layer. See the Express Burn support page for details.
  13. This is a compatibilty error with your drive and Express Burn. Please try the latest version 2.0 as we have addressed a number of issues with compatibility.
  14. Using Express Burn you should be able to do the same burning a Data CD/DVD. Please be aware you mentioned a time of 75 minutes. Many Audio CDs have a limit of 74 minutes.
  15. To clarify, Express Burn does not support multisession burning , so you cannot appeand file to an existing (already burned CD). Possibly we will support this in a future release, but not soon.
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