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  1. Problem solved. Turns out te be a blacklisted IPnumber. (blacklisted in Axon) regards, Rinse
  2. Never mind, I already found the page myself... "None of the above answers my question. Contact Technical Support..." It is the most bottom item on the page: http://www.nch.com.au/pbx/support.html regards, Rinse
  3. Hello, I am trying to receive direct sip-calls (it is: not dialing the number provided by my voip-provider, but dialing a address pointing directly to my public name 123@mydomain.com ) When I try to dial such a number on the console of Axon I get the message Rejected incoming call - could not find a VoIP line to use for call bridging. However, I do not have enabled the tab "line briding" on the server. Receiving incoming calls from my voip provider are accepted without any problem. regards, Rinse
  4. As the last option of a dailing plan is: "if none of the above applies, dial on line....." How could multiple plans then work together? If none of the rules do apply the line set in the previous option is used, the seconde dailing plan is never reached... Do I miss something ? regards, Rinse
  5. If I want to call someone who also has a voip phone, should this call alway's go via provider / gateway ? Or is it possible to directly connect to an target SIP adress ? If so, what external line should be used to make an outgoing direct SIP call ? How should such a address look like , for example: 101@yourdomain.com, where 101 is the extension number to be reached ? thanks in advance, Rinse
  6. Together with the product I bought a gold support service. Where and how should a support issues being started ? - Replying on emails does not work as the reply-address is donotreply@nchsoftware.com - the website does not mention any email-address - there are not webforms to start a new incident regards, Rinse
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