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  1. Hi,


    You cannot play and record at the same time with the current version of MixPad. We are planning to add this into the next release of Mixpad.


    From now until then, you can get around by play the first track in Mixpad and at the same time, record the second track in RecordPad.


    Hope this helps


    How do I have MixPad Play the first track I recorded and record a second track at the same time? Every time I try to do this I can only record but not play the existing tracks.
  2. How does it sound if you press F10 to play the file? I just wonder if the fast play speed mode is turned on. Press F10 will make WavePad play in normal mode.


    Hello everyone

    I have a loading problem, too :( :

    when I load the .wav audio file I want to mix with WavePad, the loaded music is faster than the original sountrack played in Winamp.

    I tried to slow it by altering the speed (in WavePad) but the result is no better (well, it is at the right speed, but it seems like the bubbling sound of boiling water) :huh: .

    Could anyone provide me with some help?

    Thanks in advance

  3. Hi,


    Yes. After the trial period expired, you need to purchase the Master Edition in order to save files in m4a format.


    So I cant save files to m4a unless I buy this thing to make my ringtones for my cell?
  4. Hi,


    Thank you for your suggestion. There is currently no reset command in WavePad. Perhaps you should try to uninstall and do a clean install again.


    By the way, how does it sound when you play in Windows Media Player?



    I purchased WavePad Master's Edition today and began learning some of the features. This is a POWERFUL piece of software! At some point I apparently clicked on one or more commands with paying attention(beginners remorse), and the music I'm using (an MP3 tune) now sounds really weird. I can't seem to work my way out of it. Is there some default condition hidden somewhere that WavePad can be set reset to so that audio sounds normal like it did when I first loaded up a tune and played it?


    If no such capability exists, it would be a wonderful addition, because right now I'm sunk!


    Old Dog

  5. Hi,


    There is no difference between the trial version and the full version. Perhaps the problem only happens for a particular mp3 file..Does it work if you load other mp3 files or wav files? Or have you tried to play the file in Windows Media Player?


    If it works for other files except that particular file, you can send that file us and we will investigate it.



  6. Please send a sample file to me. Thanks


    I have Wavepad v3.05 on a HP pavilion PC running WindowsXP. When I do a load file of an Mpeg file that has an mp2 track the windows comes up saying Loading with DirectX and then it stops and a message comes up that Wavepad has to close and do you want to send an error report to microsoft. If I disable the direct draw acceleration functions in DxDiag Wavepad will open the file, of course, Media Player and some other programs suffer until I turn it back on. I have another computer that has windowsXP Pro on it and wavepad comes up just find on these files.


    Thanks in advance.

  7. If you have the latest version of WavePad, you should be able to do it. Why don't you download the trial version and try? :)


    I need the audio part of a .wmv file (windows media video). Can the full version of WordPad decouple the sound? Just want to make sure before I puchase. (if not, which software can?)

    Thanks in advance!


  8. Hi,


    There is no restriction on the trial version. Have you tried with different files? Does it happen to them as well? Have you tried to reinstall the mp3el component (nch.com.au/components) ?


    If it still not work, please send a sample file to us and we will have a look at it.


    i have saved a few (25)tracks as mp3. They played whilst being edited (divided into short files)but give the error message 'corrupt or not a true layer 3mpeg file'.

    This is the case for all 25 recordings. I have tried to open with wmedia player, creative, Nero media player and Nero wave pad, but it will not open. I have also tried an mp3 repair tool (aspect 1) but this won't open it either.

    I assume that this is not part of the demo function?

    I was considering buying the product but am not so keen now.

    Anyone else seen this before? I looked through the threads but couldnt see any

  9. That's it. Good to hear that!! :)


    AH HA!!!!!!


    I found the problem.


    The Mp3 encoding file was corrupt. It did not get deleted when i deleted the software and did not get re-installed when i re-installed the software so i had to get the mp3el component off of their component website and re-install it.


    All is well now!!! :)

  10. Hi,


    You should be able to save a mp3 file without any problem with WavePad. Does it give you any error? Does the "MP3 encoder settings" window display?


    Hi, I have recorded successfully, but when I chose SAVE_AS and select mp3 it doesnt actually save the files in mp3 format (or at least when I try to open the new file, that's what your s'ware says.


    I've tried SWITCH and that does it OK. Is this what i'm supposed to use?


    Thanks ... Barry

  11. We would recommend you to use our Golden Records program (nch.com.au/golden). It is designed specifically with records and cassettes in mind and has been developed to make the conversion process as easy and intuitive as possible.


    Hi,,Can anyone please give me sum info on how to convert my vinyl (LP Records) to MP3 format using WavePad.......I am using a Laptop..


  12. Hi,


    You can try these steps

    ~ Play the song using WavePad. At the same time, record the voice by using a mic with RecordPad Sound Recorder (nch.com.au/recordpad)

    ~ After finish recording, save the file

    ~ Mix the two files together by using MixPad Audio Mixer (nch.com.au/mixpad)


    Hope this helps


    Does anyone know if it is possible to use a mic and do a voice over during a song? And if so, then how?
  13. Hi,


    How big is the file? And what is the format of the file? Are you using the latest version of WavePad?


    When the audio file is loaded to the WavePad to edit, an runtime error occur.


    It says,


    " Runtime Error!

    Program: C:\Program Files\NCH Swift Sound\WavePad\wavepad.exe


    This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.

    Please contat the application's support team for more information. "

    What action should i take to overcome or rectify this error?





  14. Hi,


    If you took the free download, you will be still able to use all basic features but the Master Edition's features will be disabled after 14 days . The Master Edition's features include bookmarks, regions, loading and saving projects, some effects like Reduce Vocals, FFT, TFFT, Clip and Pop reduction, Split file, etc...


    :unsure:  The program works fine.  I took the free download.  I read somewhere else that the free download is only a trial version for 14 days, and then some features will be lost.  Exactly which features go away?

  15. For doing such things, you may find it is very easy with MixPad (can be download from our website at nch.com.au/mixpad). We will improve the CrossFade feature in WavePad to make it easier for users.


    I've read the HELP topic on Cross Fading many times, and have attempted numerous; but still can't get it to work.


    There must be some tips, layman instructions to make this happen.  Anyone ever sucessfully do this; if so how?


    ALSO  - I wish to cross fade while overlapping songs.  Like the old school turntable DJs did.  This means fade out the end of one song, while fading in the beginning of another.  So it would be cross fading the end over the top of the beginning of another; is this possible?  If so how?

  16. There is no option to print it in WavePad. But you can make a screenshot by press Print Screen button, paste to MS Word then print it from there.



    Can you print a hard copy of a wave file using the Master's Edition of Wavpad?

    Also can you create a maximum amplitude of the wave data?

  17. Use File->Save As then select .wma in the File Types drop down list. This will automatically install a wma encoder component from our website if it is not found on your PC.


    Hope this helps.


    How does one save a file in wma format?

    I can load a wma file and edit it, it won't save back in the wma format.

  18. Hi, You can download our new mixing program Mixpad from nch.com.au/mixpad and give it a try.


    Hi, just about to try this prog out as I wish to merge together a voice recording and two sound recordings, thats three files to be made into one, being able to control the volume and pitch of each.

    I read on the website:-

    >>Ability to work with multiple files at the same time in seperate screens.<<

    but also read this thread >>can only play one file at a time<<


    sory but confused, can it do what I seek, can I play the files and hear the effect of how I currenly have them set up, like what I hear then choose combine tracks etc ?

    Is there a library of sounds, I actually need radio static for the final result !


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