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  1. Sorry i am not able to get you, are u planning to become voipprovider or looking for voip service provider and if u want to run a voip server for others than u have to get public ip.

    Please also give details of type of hardware ur using and the bandwidth available than i can give u certain estimates regarding the resources.

  2. I have installed axon and ivm with dialogic d4/pci card where, dialogic answer the call through ivm than transfer to AXON extension according to the key pressed and it works great, but my problem is how to give PSTN access to AXON extensions through the DIALOGIC card i.e. dial out, please help..

  3. Dear Danny


    Please inform which version of IVM u require may be we have it in our archive, as this program is good in working, we have done some research on this so we can help u upto certain extent.




    Vikram Agarwal


    AXON pass through all the codecs but for IVM, recording and for IMS it uses G711 so your call in most cases will be dropped. using G711 will solve the problem, as G729 is a paid codec and AXON is freeware so this G729 is not used, but it is highly desirable, if possible.

  4. I think you can by putting FXS line in the extension of PBX and register your fxs to axon, i.e. somebody dial the particular exten. on the regular phone, he will get the FXS tone than dial 9+ number or as per the dial plan, it should work. if that pbx extn. is busy than other user will get the regular busy tone from the pbx.

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