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  1. I followed all of these steps and the video saved (wrote) to a blank DVD-RW. The video played just fine on the PC (Windows 7 Media PLayer) but when I put the DVD in the DVD player connected to the TV, it never played. No audio or video. It was almost like the DVD player just tried and tried and tried to read the DVD-RW disc but nothing ever happened. Any suggestions?
  2. Hello. I've created a home move using VideoPad, complete with homemade vides, pictures and audio. I am hoping to Save/Export the complete video now. I've created a .wmv file for PC viewing, but now I want to make the video a DVD that can be played in a DVD player. I click save and DVD was teh default option, so I clicked it but nothing happened. I am based in the U.S. w/ a Panasonic DVD player. I know formats (NTSC v. PAL) can vary. Does anyone know 1) How I can save to a DVD? 2) Any formatting changes that need to be made for optimal playback/resolution? 3) Can I use a blank CD-R or
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