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  1. Hi Bridie - I have just responded to your post about DS2 files. If you'd like to chat to me about this (I'd love to have someone who understands this conversation and my frustration to talk to) please email me.

  2. HI Bridie Are you still having the same problem? It is happening to me too. Like you, I have another (less preferred) programme I can use when at home, but unfortunately I don't have that backup option on my laptop, so when travelling I am in big trouble! I intend to take more note in future, but I THINK in the past when this has happened there has been a click in the recording at the time that the sound disappears, so I wonder if that is the problem? I used to have a similar problem with one client who recorded in DSS but his recorder would click and the file would not load beyond tha
  3. Do you have the professional (i.e. purchased) version? The free version will NOT play DS2 files but the purchased version will. Having said that, there are some DS2 files that I have problems working on the professional version and have to revert to another player I have purchased previously. And it seems I am not the only one having this problem. Hopefully the problem might be resolved at some point in the future.
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