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  1. While trying to document the problem I figured out what needed to be done to correct the issue. The Broadwave service was set to manual instead of automatic. When I was trying to solve the problem earlier, if I could not connect to the stream I would remote desktop into the server and do all of stuff as listed in the previous email before attempting to connect to the stream again. If I would have attempted to connect first before doing anything else after the logon it would have been more obvious this was a program startup issue and not a live stream availability problem when the program launc
  2. Thanks for the suggestion, but my problem isn't with the program starting (I think). It's that the Live Stream isn't available until I manually click on some stuff. I was hoping that there was some way during program launch to tell it to start listening for Live Stream requests from the internet. thanks.
  3. Running BroadWave on unattended Windows 2003 server. I have the option set to start BroadWave when computer restarts. The problem that I am having is that the stream from the sound card is not available from the internet unless I remote into the machine, access BroadWave from the systray, click the live stream icon (which shows the sound card configured as default in), then click ok. How do you configure Broadwave to automatically make the Live Stream connection available to the internet upon program startup? I don't see any configuration options or command line parameters for the services pub
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