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  1. Thank you! Our IT guy was able to find and download Express Scribe 5.04, which doesn't have the same problem as 5.43, so I'm in business for now.
  2. Hello, I downloaded Express Scribe 5.43. (My computer is Windows 7.) The download automatically gave me the Express Scribe Pro trial version, and I could use .WMA files for a little while. But, when the Pro trial period expired (14 days), I went into my Control Panel and downgraded to the free version. Now, when I try to load a .WMA file I get this error message: "The .WMA format is not supported by Express Scribe." However, .WMA is listed on the Supported File Formats list (http://www.nch.com.au/scribe/kb/656.html). This list does *not* indicate that you need Pro in order t
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