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  1. I'm assuming that the files are in MP3 format - you said they are approximately 1 MB/minute, which is about equivalent to a 128kbits/sec MP3 compression. And considering that you're trying to "convert to CD", I'm guessing that you're trying to record them as an audio CD (as opposed to a Data CD). An audio CD only holds 74 minutes worth of audio, and it's in an uncompressed format. Nero is capable of converting those MP3's into an uncompressed format suitable for burning to an audio CD, and is probably calculating the uncompressed file size. Try burning one at a time (if you haven't already) and I think you'll find success.
  2. Thank you for passing this along. I appreciate it. Interesting tip regarding hiding the app, however, I prefer to have the application visible, to monitor the recording level.
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    New features

    I think I've run into the same issue. From my perspective, there seems to be no "horizontal scrollbar" for the audio file. The only option is to "scroll" the current playback position, which as you've noted will move the playback position all the way to the right side of the screen. I'd love to be able to scroll the audio file without moving the playback spot.
  4. Bump... We did end up purchasing a copy, and have been using the product very successfully, but I'm still a little leery of losing a lengthy recording due to a "typo". NCH - has anything been done with this suggestion?
  5. Question: I'm trialing RecordPad for use at church, and I want to ensure to the best of my ability no-one accidentally "restarts" the recording while it's running. I found the ability to hide recordpad, but because it doesn't even seem to show a task-tray icon there's no way for the operator to know it's running (other than task manager...). I found the ability to set a custom hotkey, so I tried overriding the HOME key to mean Record instead of Restart; but unfortunately that makes my HOME key useless when I'm using other apps. Apparently custom hotkeys (at least the HOME/Num7 key) gets trapped globallly, instead of only when RecordPad has focus. I found the ability to hide the restart key (recordpad -showbtn t), but the home hotkey still causes a restart to occur. Is there anything I've missed? If not, would you consider a feature request to be able to turn off built-in hotkeys? Or maybe just disable them if the corresponding button has been hidden? Thanks, - Kevin
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