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  1. Thank you for passing this along. I appreciate it. Interesting tip regarding hiding the app, however, I prefer to have the application visible, to monitor the recording level.
  2. Bump... We did end up purchasing a copy, and have been using the product very successfully, but I'm still a little leery of losing a lengthy recording due to a "typo". NCH - has anything been done with this suggestion?
  3. Question: I'm trialing RecordPad for use at church, and I want to ensure to the best of my ability no-one accidentally "restarts" the recording while it's running. I found the ability to hide recordpad, but because it doesn't even seem to show a task-tray icon there's no way for the operator to know it's running (other than task manager...). I found the ability to set a custom hotkey, so I tried overriding the HOME key to mean Record instead of Restart; but unfortunately that makes my HOME key useless when I'm using other apps. Apparently custom hotkeys (at least the HOME/Num7 key)
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