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  1. Hay if you're using the free version, if that's what you're on about, click on the part you added to the overlay so basicly you're on it like you would to change the length etc., then look at the left view of it (the view of itself rather than in the vid) below it shout be a changing bar for size,opacity, and after that there is a fade check box, this basicly fades your overlay in and out at the start and end, hope this was what you were looking for and i hope i helped.
  2. Thanks a lot for help, the video was recorded the same as the others, and was the same on other software, so it can't have been the file, but i just tried screen screenshoting it, with the little camera, and on the photo the picture was completley different, just as before, basicly the editing view of it is just disored I dont know why it happened all of a sudden but at least now i know. For anyone else with this problem, just try a screenshot and that's what the movie at the end will look like, thank you for your help, the reason the video i made before was bad quality because of the wrong se
  3. Thank you soo very much, and im sorry i took up your time, i think this was the problem actualy, the first two videos seem to be similar to the origionals now, but the third video didnt change, it looks like it's over-saturated, and thats when i import it onto videopad not just the movie afterwards, and i redcorded it exactly the same as the others, so i wonder if it could be because this movie is 40mins rather than 30? In more detail, the picture in the prieview and where you look to edit and the movie afterwards all seems more saturated than the older ones, so lines are missed out, and it's
  4. Hay, i recently downloaded the free version of videopad video editor and it's worked great, much better than any other editing software ive used, and ive produced two half hour videos in good quality, but when i tried my third, recorded from my screen, exactly the same as the other two, and added it onto videopad, the quality dramaticly decreased, when the other two had been fine and the thrid was fine on other software, i couldnt work this out, i produced a small clip of it into a movie, still bad quality, blurred and merged, still confuzed, i started a new one and put it on, same thing happe
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