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    So you have to keep re-buying the software every 90 days? That's rediculous. I'll find other software to do my burning.
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    So you have to keep repeating buying the software every 90 days to stay updated. That's ridiculous. I'll find a dif software to use.
  3. Bnice2me


    Nope never a word. If you find the answer somewhere please pass it to me. Thanks Bnice2me
  4. Bnice2me


    I am using Express Burn Pro4.40 and went to check for updates. But it just said if I'm reading it right that I would have to purchase another version to get the fixes. I'm a little confused. Also I have two DVD rom's and want to copy from one to the other directly but did not see that option. Can I do that with this software? Thank you
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