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  1. Here is the senario: I have Axon installed and working with IVR. 1. Call comes in 2. IVR answers 3. I presss extention number 4. It connects and answers If I hang up my extension nothing is wrong. If the caller leaves a voicemail it works fine If the caller hangs up before the extension does. Axon does not take in any more calls. If my line is called it does not show incomming call and the Avon never answers. It appears that the extension is still holding the line open in this instance. Any ideas anyone.
  2. rfenn

    no music on hold

    I am having the same problem if you figure it out please let me know. Thanks
  3. I have had that same problem for months. No VOIP ever seems to play th OGM for the caller. So basically it is a useless product. I spent days trying everything. This was months ago I reported this and asked for help on this issue. Nothing has been done about it or addressed about it. I am glad I did the trial on this product as it does not work and it appears that the company does not want to support the issues. I hope I am wrong and someone finds and answer but I addressed it over 6 months ago and I saw where others before me complained of the same issue. No fix that I know of.
  4. Curtis. I have done that. I have it set up correctly. I even tried to not even use AXON, just direct to IVM. The call rings in. The IVM detects it. (althought I cannot get it to stop announcing the call through the speakers even though I have that feature checked not to?) The call says "answered" and nothing happends. After a few seconds the call hangs up. It works with the modem. For some reason the VOIP (maybe it is related to the service) does not play the OGM. I have wasted so much time with this program trying to get them to work. I dont knwo what to do I guess it just does
  5. Well I am glad that they let me try this product free. So far it has just sucked up days or work for me. It has been buggy and nothing but issues. I thought IVM was made to work with VoIP lines and AXON but I see no support in help about anyting to do with VoIP line and IVM. I am using a service SIPnumber.net or freedigits.net. They provide a free cool inbound VoIP real phone number. I can get it to call into AXON just fine. Axon will work with this not sure about the transfer feature it does not seem to transfer the call using Express Talk but the 3 way conference worked fine. I want
  6. Please Help! I have a vendetta now. I have been trying for days to figure out this problem and it has been killing me. My Configuration using IVON and IVM: 1. I have a VOIP line set up in AXON. Tested incomming call and all ext work. 2. Added IVM. 3. Call comes in on line and rings auto attendant ext 198. Call shows as inswered but does not play OGM silence and call disconntects. Things I have tried: 1. Used MODEM (NOT VOIP) directly to IVM works fine but sound quality sucks! 2. By passed AXON and tried to get IVM to answer VOIP line. Same results as above, NO OGM play and hang up
  7. I finally got it please disregard the last post. In case this helps the others I will let tell what fixed my problem. I followed directions form crshman to a tee. What I did not do that corrected the problem is where he says: "Uplink will now login to the skype account (on your axon server). Read the SIP PRIVATE IP" But in this section Go back to the axon webinterface. Add an external line "Line name: Skype Server: (type the SIP PRIVATE IP supplied by uplink here) User ID: Skype (the user id should be the same as the user id that you use for uplink to login to axon) Pa
  8. I have tried this over and over again. I have spent hours on end trying to get this to work with no results. I get the same error also. error "491 Request Pending" Please help I really want to get this to work with Express Talk and Axon. Thanks
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