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  1. Does anyone have a board working with whatever version of IVM?
  2. I am also using a Synway SHT-8B/PCI CAHTA card with IVM v5.10 (also tried IVM v4.08) where it will not answer any call. The IVM log shows all these events at the same time (in this instance all @ 14:22:20): 14:22:20 Ringing on Line CAHTA 0 detected. Waiting until ring number 2. 14:22:20 CAHTA 0 [Answered]. 14:22:20 Answered line [1 "CAHTA 0"] call number [16] cid[] did [CAHTA 0] drn[0 {2954ms}] 14:22:20 Play file: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\NCH Swift Sound\IVM\OGMs\Default Answering Message.wav 14:22:20 Call disconnected On the phone making the call you only hear a ringing tone. Any suggestions? TIA, Mark
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    It's now November 2011 and I am regretting we purchased IVM 5.10 after reading this post as it will not answer calls on a 8 way PCI CAHTA card. It did work using a modem but the quality of the sound was terrible, hence the purchase of a CAHTA card. IVM "shows" it is answering when in fact you still hear a ringing tone on the phone. Are there any alternatives to IVM which can still utilise the same hardware? TIA, Mark
  4. I have managed to download 4.08 and still I cannot get IVM to answer the call using a TELCTAS8 CAHTA PCI (Synway SHT-8B/PCI) card. The testing program that comes with the drivers shows the line is ringing and IVM shows it is picking up the call and playing the OGM but on the line you still hear it ringing. It is still the same with v5.10 Any suggestions? TIA, Mark
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