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  1. I have been working on a project on my previous computer. Before I bought my new PC, I backed up all my files. However, since both my hard drives have now been re-allocated to different drive letters, all my project files now show up in red. When I locate them, using the file details option, the are listed under the old drive letter, (I) which no longer exists, although the files are still on the same external hard drive (E) as well as backed up on a new local drive. I don't want to have to go through each file and re-locate it again, as this would forever. Is it possible to direct videopad to the new location for all my project files?
  2. Every time I add background soundtrack, it sounds okay within the project preview. However, after the movie has been saved, it sounds slightly distorted and tinny. This ruins the overall quality of my film? However, after reading the reviews for VideoPad, some have given it a very low rating because of sound quality.
  3. After doing a system recovery, I tried to restore my projects from a backup. However, although the text was still there, all my video clips and images were missing, with only a blank frame where they should be. During the attempted uploading, an error message appeared saying that the files in red were missing, instructing me to locate them. I did this. However, although they would play outside of VideoPad, they still remained blank in VideoPad, although sound did play in some of them. The project also failed to play in preview. This happened in the 2 version so VideoPad I have, v2.09 and v2.41. Please help me get my project back, as I have a deadline for it??
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