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  1. Yes, with the DS2 I get the click and then nothing, yet in another player it's fine and no click! I have actually gone back to using other programs for most of my transcription as I'm fed up with all the bugs in ES - particularly when I paid for the Pro upgrade!!
  2. Hi Bridie - I have just responded to your post about DS2 files. If you'd like to chat to me about this (I'd love to have someone who understands this conversation and my frustration to talk to) please email me.

  3. If you go into the Options menu and choose Playback you can change the bass settings which should make the sound less tinny.
  4. I've been using Express Scribe for about a year now and have recently upgraded to the paid Pro version. However, I have some ongoing issues with some sound files that are still not resolved in the Pro version: 1. DS2 files - some files will play quite happily for a few minutes, then the sound cuts out. Yet when I play them on another piece of transcription software they're fine. (I prefer to use ES as I find it easier to work with than the alternative I have for DS2 files!). 2. DSS files - I have one client in particular who sends me batches of DSS files and, more often that not, t
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