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  1. 1)(Email) Hello I am having an issue with my Express Dictate. Under Options> Sending> Recipient Properties> Email Options> Under Dentation Email when I plug in an email address a bubble pops up stating(Invalid Email). This is preventing me to setup my sending contacts! I have followed all the postings/treads and this is a common issue with a lot of users. 2)(Email) Hi, We appreciate your help if you send us all relevant screenshots so that we can reproduce the issue in our end. To take a screen shot: Press the 'Print Screen' button (located next to F12 or the 'Scroll Lock' button). Open Paint (Start-> All programs-> Accessories-> Paint) and click Edit-> Paste. Save the file as a .jpeg and attach it to this reply. Please get back to us and we are happy to assist you. Regards, Rommel NCH Software Support Team 3)(Email) Here are the screen shots that you have requsted. I did three different emails to show you its not just one! (3 Pictures inserted here) Thanks 4)(Email) Hi, Thank you for your patience – this ticket has been forwarded to the appropriate group and you should receive a response shortly. 5)(Email) I guess you guys are just going to hide this issue under the rug great support!
  2. I am experiencing the same issue I type in the "Destination email" and it comes back with "Invalid email" this sucks!
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