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  1. =========================================


    Could you please provide a little more info ?

    In the Accounts tab -- options (menu bar=accounts tab) 1.listed an expense such as electric company




    Hi Brad,


    Whenever I create an account and want to indicate this is an account payable, I can click it but afterwards that click is gone again.

    Maybe try to explain in a different way ... whenever I want to make an order or make a payment, I need to go back to the journal to correct the booking because the accounts that are automatically connected to it are not correct.


    I keep indicating which accounts to use but every time it ignores that and just gives me as only option 'create new account'.

  2. I am trying to set up accounts payable but it does not want to accept it.


    Each time I indicate an account should be labeled as account payable, afterwards this indication has vanished and I can't use the account payable in the 'enter account payable' function.


    Could it have to do that I am European and use a different account number system? Does it only want to accept certain numbers as account payable?


    Many thanks in advance for the feedback.

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