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  1. Hi, Express Burn Does not support on the fly recording. I will add this as a suggestion and it may make its way into a future release. Thankyou
  2. Hi, Click on the download now button at http://www.nch.com.au/burn/index.html If you click the express burn plus link then it will expire after 14 days. Does your Bose cd dvd player, support .WMA or .MP3 playback? Express Burn can only burn files to a dvd as data. It will not convert the files to CD audio files. If the files were copied in MP3 format, but do not play, then I suspect your player does not support this format. Thankyou
  3. Hi, I don't think express burn supports this feature. I will check with the programmers and get back to you
  4. Hi Guys, Please try the latest version from the website. it has some fixes in it and is version 4.2. 4.21 should also be release really soon. If you still have trouble with the new version, please click on my name and send me a message. I will get a diagnostic version off the programmers for you so we can find out where the program is running into problems and get this all sorted and fixed up for yas. Thankyou
  5. Hi, When you burned the dvd, did you select the video dvd button, or the data dvd button? You will need to use the video dvd option or Express burn will just burn the file onto the dvd as an avi, and won't convert it to be read by the dvd player. If you did use video dvd, then I would suspect that your dvd player does not like that type of dvd that you are using. Try a different brand, particularly one that is coloured yellow on the bottom. Some lasers don't get reflected very well when disks with blue or silver bottoms are used. Yellow is the standard colour and seems to work the
  6. There is a new version on the website that should have this problem fixed
  7. Hi Guys, Please try the latest version on the website. (we are up to version 4.2 now and have fixed a few issues with this new release). If you have the same trouble, please click on my name and send me a personal message. I will get a diagnostic version off the programmers for you so we can find out exactly where burn is failing and fix it Once it is fixed we will do a new release. (if its not already fixed) Thankyou
  8. A.N

    1/2 a DVD

    Hi Guys, If you have purchased and registered, then please backup your copy before doing the following. (make a copy of the instal file that you used to instal the program) Please download the latest version from the website, and give it a go. If you still get the same problem then please let me know and I will get you a diagnostic version to instal and try. The diagnostic version of Express Burn will write what its doing to a file, so that you can send us the file and the programmers can have a look at it and see where express burn is failing. Once they can see where its failin
  9. Yes lower the bitrate. Alternatively, you can record with Debut, then use Prism to convert the video file to most other formats while at the same time changing the Compression, Bitrate etc to reduce the file size.
  10. Hi, In the event of some files playing and some not, it can be to do with the type of file being played, or simply the file itself. If there is a slight corruption caused either through sending via email or other means, then Express Scribe might not be able to play it. You may need to install a piece of software that came with your recorder and then express scribe will borrow that codec to open the file. In the event that you can open the file in say Media Player, but Scribe won't open it, try downloading the free version of switch from http://www.nch.com.au/switch and then convert t
  11. Hi, NCH have a program called sound tap that can record virtually any audio running through the computers sound card. DVD's should work too if you play it through media player or something similar. It can save files in MP3 format and you can use it to record streaming music from videos off the internet too. A.N
  12. Hi, If you are using a foot pedal, then the play and fast forward buttons may be mixed up. Otherwise the increased speed slidebar to the bottom right of the window will adjust the playing speed. Windows media player 11 won't affect anything. A.N
  13. Hi, It sounds like one of the pedals could be stuck down and therefor thats why the window goes away straight away. Try unplugging the foot pedal and then run the wizard, if the press button dialogue stays up then you know that the pedal is making the window go away. I'd try another one if this is the case. A.N
  14. Hi, We are working on Uplink to fix this crashing bug. A new version ahould be released in the coming weeks. A.N
  15. Hi, If you search google there are a lot of answers to this question regarding Faulty Ram as the cause of the crashing. Find a Ram testing program and give it a run to confirm their findings.
  16. Hi, Yes there is one way to back it up, You need to Export two registry folders once you have the program configured the way you want it. The folders are: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\NCH Swift Sound\Talk HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NCH Swift Sound\Talk When you use the export option, all subfolders and keys from that folder are bundled into 1 file that you just double click to restore all the data. So your client would just install Express talk, Double click both the registry files you give them, and then re-run the Audio setup wizard in the Talk menu.
  17. Hi, You need to backup a registry folder which contains all the information for the Extensions, External Lines, Groups and dialling plans. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\NCH Swift Sound\Axon\Lines When you restore this folder, all extensions will be back
  18. Try using Axon 1.07 http://www.nch.com.au/pbx/index.html And Epress Talk 2.0 http://www.nch.com.au/cgi-bin/dld.exe?file...s/talksetup.exe Instal both over the top to keep all your settings.
  19. Hi, Try downloading 1.07 and instal it over the top to keep your settings. http://www.nch.com.au/pbx/index.html
  20. Hi, Have you tried typing http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:82 where xxx is the IP address of the Axon Computer. For 2 web browsers to be doing similar things means there must be other software interfering with the browsers. Try downloading the new IE7 beta 2 from the microsoft Website. http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...&DisplayLang=en
  21. If there is excessive amounts of network traffic then Axon May think Express Talk is busy and therefore send the call straight to VoiceMail. The computer with express talk may be really busy at the time and then have the same effect as the first scenario with Axon not getting a reply fast enough. I gather your using the setting 'transfer to voicemail if unanswered or busy' What you could do to possibly get around this is put the extension and voicemail into a group and set the voicemail to start ringing after a set number of rings. then if the computer with express talk isn't found strai
  22. Hi, The latest Axon 1.07 can log each call to a database, recording who made the call, where it was to, and how long the call was made. You could make a simple query to Select an extension number, then add up the total time and multiply it by what ever value you want to create a price. And that would be free.
  23. Hi Simon, You need to use the public IP address that the Axon computer is connected on, in the 'Server (SIP Proxy or Virtual PBX)' section of express talk. Though Express Talk probably still won't be able to see the Axon Computer because the Network Address Translation on the internet router would most likely be blocking all the ports to that computer. What you would need to do is forward ports 5060-5065, 5070-5075, 8000-8010, and 606 if using on hold music, from the Axon computer by using the settings in the router to do this. And Yes this does work.
  24. An incoming calls display name is determined by what display name the user making the call has set. So the incoming name could be changed at the senders location. When you have an incoming call, the line number the call is coming in on will flash with a red dot. Express Talk V2.00 is out now and supports 6 different lines. Download it from http://www.nch.com.au/talk/be.html
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