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  1. After trawling back into previous topics I found that ticking the "Use FFMPEG decoder" box in the conversions tab of options worked for all 3 movies I was having trouble with (I think they were DVD rips). Out of interest, should I now keep this boxed ticked all the time? Why is it not ticked as default? Could I cause other issues if I leave it ticked?
  2. Actually I used the "Use FFMPEG Decoder" Option and that worked.
  3. Yes I am also having this problem and would appreciate an answer.
  4. Hi people. I have had prism for a few months now, and while it seems to work great for most files (audio files & smaller avi's: eg. tv series), I have had a few issues with a few movies I have tried to convert in which they they have converted with good video but no sound. I am not really sure where to start to figure out what the problem may be...- anyone got any ideas? Any thoughts appreciated. Slink
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