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  1. Trying to upload my new video to YouTube and I filled in the YouTube username I go under (Oldmartian@gmail.com) and I filled in the password and other info. When I click the "OK" button I get a balloon pointing to the YouTube Username box saying "Username required." Is this a bug? I tried "Oldmartian" (without the @gmail.com), but got the same error. Thanks, Old Martian
  2. Is it posible to change the output of the video stablizer? It currently outputs to a low resolution MP4 format, but I'd like to change it to .MPG, but I can't find how to do this. Thanks, O M
  3. Nat, The crossfade dissolves the first video but the second shows the first frame but the motion doesn't start until the crossfade is finished. Conversely, when the second clip starts the first clip's last frame fades away. So there's never motion of both videos at the same time. A fine point, maybe, but not a true video to video fade. I know playing around is all the fun, and I love to play. My problem is that I have 28,000 pictures and mayne a few thousand video clips. I play too much and produce so little. I'll be dead of old age before I produce anything useful. General r
  4. Nat gave you the full answer, but I tried what you said you did and when I clicked the "Make DVD Movie" button I expected it to start making the movie. Then I noticed the "OK" button on the bottom, which put the show on the road (disk). My money says that's what went wrong. Oldmartian
  5. Nat, I think he wanted to overlap the videos. I'm new to VideoPad but not new to video editing. Overlapping a video is a nice effect. Fading one into the other may look like overlap, but it isn't. If I have a video of my daughter on a swing at five years old and at 25 years old, a beautiful effect would be that as the first starts to fade the second one appears slowly and for a period of maybe a few seconds you see them both on the swing before the 5-year old starts to fase. I know the backgroud and lighting and position and video quality would probably deminish the effect a bit, b
  6. There is a program called VideoLAN that's free, that plays almost anything. It's pretty popular. Do a Google search and you'll find a web-site that you can download it from. Install it and run the program and then drag the file into the window. If it's a video file, it will probably play it. You still might not know what extention to give it, though. It may not be a video file, but a compressed file like a ".zip" file. If you search, download and install the freeware version of WinRAR and give the video a .zip or .rar extention and double-click it, WinRAR might recognize it. An
  7. If it's a bad input file, the processing won't ever make it better. It shouldn't degrade noticably, though. Good luck. OM
  8. I figured out that this shouldn't take that much time...
  9. I have purchased the VideoPad software but have not yet produced a video. (I'm using for the deshaker only, right now.) I was concerned about your experience since I've got "skin in the game" by actually purchasing the software Here are my results: After making 4 unique movies and repeating one, all output quality was the same. Using adifferent "device" choice, the quality was substantially poorer. Here's the test: Using NCH's VideoPad, I made 4 unique movies, using all of different but similar material (same camera, same subject material, all files originated the same way). The cam
  10. I'm trying to avoid a step. I use Video ReDo to cut and trim individual videos because it's quick and it works. But it won't work wth .avi, .mp4 and some other formats. But it's super and I'm used to it. But when VidepPad Deshaker spits out .mp4 files, I have to convert them to .mp3 with their Prism converter. (I'm not ready to make individual movies yet, so I keep the original vids from my videocam as separate files for now.) How did you get deshaker to spit out .avi files?
  11. Does anyone know if and how I can change the file type of the stabilized video when using the VidepPad's plug-in, (which is VideoDub's Deshaker program)? It seems all the output files are in .mp4 format. Thanks, Old Martian
  12. I have a JVC Everio which shoots in AVCHD and the files have an MTS extention. I just put a small video in the "Files" and dragged it to the timeline, made a video using the .AVI format and it saved it and I played it OK. I just paid for and registered the software about 2 hours ago. I'm happy. +**so far** I have been using VP lightly for about a month, but when registering I cleaned out all traces of MCH on my computer and downloaded the most recent version. (I don't know if the current version was different from what I previously had.) Have you tried to cange the extention from MT2s t
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